about me

Hi! I’m Charlie, you may know me as founder of The Clean Treats Factory / Clean Treats / #charliesballs.

Clean Treats… a space I built from a dream into reality.

Recently I decided to Pivot and focus on my true passion and purpose. Running a business is much harder than it looks, and growth can be something we all only dream of…until it does happen and then it becomes a whole new world of supply and demand issues.

I started my business from nothing but an idea and a will to create a healthy change. In 4 years I grew my baby to a multi million dollar business and over 30 staff (at times, the cafe side was very fluctuating). I also made a lot of mistakes. A LOT. The kind of mistakes no one talks about.

I am a believer that YOU have the power to create change in your own life, you are the CEO. You need to show up to yourself, to the life you want to live and the person you want to be. You also already have all the answers you need within you, if you would just chill for a moment to feel & find them.

Growth takes work, and its not always easy. Its ok to ask for help, its ok to let go of what is no longer serving you, it’s ok to create change. In fact, its absolutely imperative that you do. It’s more than ok to recaliberate, to readjust and to pivot.

What challenges us, changes us.

How can we return to the light in moments of darkness? To calm in moments of anxiety? To trust in times of uncertainty? It takes showing up. Stepping into the light, changing your thoughts and learning to trust the universe.

I’ve taken one of the biggest ‘hits’ of my life lately but in this moment, I have also seen that it was needed and have been blown away by the beauty of the world around me. All the things I took for granted or had no space for when I was trying to be a #girlboss (because thats the in thing right now ;) became the light of my life, these ‘things’ I took for granted…allowed me to breathe.

It took getting knocked down in the biggest way for me to wake up and literally ‘see the light’. I did what so many of us do… got caught up in the hustle, my ego and all the masks I was trying to wear whilst also juggling all the #balls, trying to be someone I actually wasn’t and still aren’t.

It didn’t work for me. I was told I had chronic fatigue, chronic anxiety and chronic depression (as if one chronic ‘something’ wasn’t enough) and I knew I had to change something…or everything. I wasn’t being the person I was trying to become, or authentically myself. I wasn’t even doing a job I loved to do (Im not a great director… but brand/creative direction… #magic maker…THAT is my strength - stated without ego).

I hope that my lessons and journey can inspire you or at the very least provide some lessons learnt from my mistakes, or perhaps comfort (you are not alone), and I hope to share how I find the light, the love, the courage and the strength. Please note that I am writing from a place of healing and reflection and hoping that sharing some of this journey (and mines a dam tricky one) may help you/someone.


Dream believer

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

(because you can’t fail, if you never quit).

I believe in creating a life you love to live, choosing love over fear, being vulnerable, living with courage and compassion and being real with it all (with a few f&*ks for good measure).

Find softness in your strength and strength in your softness.

Founder of Clean Treats Factory, Charlie de Haas on How She Finds Work Life Balance

The powerhouse behind #charliesballs sat down with WH to chat all things business and balance.

Q&A: Charlie de Haas, Founder of The Clean Treats Factory

Some people say to ‘work smart and not hard’, but those people obviously don’t know the success story of passionate powerhouse, Charlie de Haas! As the Founder of Sydney’s much-loved The Clean Treats Factory, Charlie knows a thing or two about why working smart and hard in business can get you exactly where you want to be.

Having made the bold decision to move away from a longstanding career as a fitness model to create a bliss ball empire and open Sydney’s most Instagrammable plant-based cafe (think: culinary day spa chic) in just four short years, it’s pretty safe to say, the hustle is real!

How to take a break this Easter without your business falling apart

“I’ve since learned and accepted that Clean Treats is me; it’s more than work. It’s my passion and I want to control everything (and us dreamers/entrepreneurs can generally have some obsessive qualities). But as my team grows and becomes more capable, I can allow myself one hour per day to work [if I’m away from the business], if needed two (one in the am and one in the pm). This means you can put your phone down and be present.”