New Trilogy Vitamin C Serum!

Actually, in love with this.

As someone with Rosacea and highly stressed skin… as you may know I’ve been going through the worst time of my actual life which has led to not enough sleep, not enough nutrients and too much alcohol… my skin has also been the worst it has ever been.

I was invited to the launch of Trilogys new Vitamin C range…launching a new product with the theme of Pop, Shake and Glow. Because you actually pop the Vitamin C into the product.

This is a new way and something I have never seen before if keeping the Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) alive and activated.

Vitamin C is highly unstable and can be affected by so many things, which makes it challenging for skin care companies to get real efficacy from a product.

2 weeks in (even with the flu) I have to say I love this product, so much so I may be a little addicted (and also note to much of anything is never a good thing).

vitamin C is essential to create collagen, it’s a main ingredient. Therefore, more Vit C = more collagen and that’s got me #obsessed!

Trilogy is an amazing range that is A. Made in New Zealand (so of course I love it even more/biased) B. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and C. Eco friendly packaging…oh and they have free shipping!