“Some people say to ‘work smart and not hard’, but those people obviously don’t know the success story of passionate powerhouse, Charlie de Haas! As the Founder of Sydney’s much-loved The Clean Treats Factory, Charlie knows a thing or two about why working smart and hard in business can get you exactly where you want to be.'“

- Triple White; ‘Q & A Charlie de Haas, Founder of The Clean Treats Factory

“As far as origin stories go, Charlie de Haas’s isn’t anything remarkable. It starts with her stuck at home, jobless with no idea how she’ll be able to pay rent at the end of the month. In a fit of desperation, she whipped up a batch of bliss balls in her kitchen and sold them to a local café.”

— Body & Soul.

Be your best sexy self from the inside out

‘you can’t help but smile when Charlie enters the room - she just has that glow! A glow that we have now discovered starts from the inside. Glowing from the inside out… we’ll have what she’s having!

Charlie is passionate about bringing plant-based and gluten-free beauty and health products to Australians, helping us to love ourselves from the inside out. With a range including protein-based treats, supplements for gut health and antioxidant-rich beauty boosts, Get NKED makes it easier than ever to feel confident in your skin.’

Colette Hayman Blog

The Healthy Hustlers Podcast

‘If you look up the definition of hustler in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure today’s guest would be listed. 

Charlie De Haas is the unstoppable wellness goddess behind the insta famous Clean Treats Factory in Sydney. Best known for her #CharliesBalls this powerhouse entrepreneur has made ‘having your chocolate and eating too’ acceptable and most importantly healthy.’