Stop Selling

Why would I say such a thing?

Because although we all sell to each other every day (yes even when you go on that bumble date), selling creates a negative physiological response within us…most of us FEAR this with a passion. And oh, my goodness… FEAR; Fear of judgement and someone saying no to our product or service (which we take as saying no to us, to everything that we are…and all that we do) FEAR of failure - what happens if someone says no?

So we just don’t do it. Better to be safe than sorry right? Better to not put ourselves out there and rather stay in our comfort zone, attempting to manifest all the good stuff coming to us.

But in your business its imperative that you create opportunities.

You need to be constantly creating new opportunities that allow both growth and development for your business.

You need look for them, to create them, and then to ask for them.

Otherwise how will you grow? Yes you can manifest and believe and trust that the world needs what you’ve got, but if you aren’t actually showing up and doing the work how are you going to grow? How are you going to achieve your big dreams?

So stop selling. Start creating opportunities.

Every day. Or at least once a week. I work with startups and I am adamant you need to block time for this. AS a non negotiable.

Do your R & D. Find your target. Create your numbers goals (I mean how much better would your business with 10, 100 new clients or more? ) and then do the work…and also track them. Just like you track your nutrition, exercise and dates (how many until you have some serious talks etc)… track your sales. This is imperative to your success. In fact, the follow up is your key to success.

Ask for the opportunity. If you truly believe that what you have is what the world needs, or at least that potential client, ask them. And then listen to what they say. Write it all down. What was the block? Were YOU prepared?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Sales is a numbers game. Potentially one of the strongest and truest terms I’ve ever heard in business. Or as Aaliyah says, dust yourself off and try again. Have fun with it. When it becomes something you do, not something you fear, it becomes another aspect of your business.

Know what you have to offer and then target those people. If they say no, so what? Don’t take it personally.

Know your product inside and out. Know your margins, know your wiggle room, know their business.

STOP PROCRASTINATING. Book your opportunity time IN. Just as you do your gym and date nights, book in this time. Block it out. this time is just for sales (opps). No phone, no ‘Ill just get back to that email’, or “Ill just do social’. Because the things we don’t like to do, we don’t do. I read the most amazing quote by a book written about war by a general - Discipline allows creativity.

I just love this so much. So when you want to spend an afternoon being creative or ‘in the flow’ yet you can’t seem to get there because of the monkeys running rampant in your mind…do the hard things, then book space for creativity. Doing what you say you will creates self trust. If you’re in business but spend your time avoiding the key business items, then you should think about why you are in it. Business is business and there are some standard rules that apply regardless of the industry.

Create a tracking document, because all the other fun stuff will happen in your business and trust me, you’ll forget, even the warm leads - the ones who have contacted you. YET YOU DON’T FOLLOW UP. Then maybe 3 months or more later you’ll think, oh I should start focusing on growth and you can’t remember or worse have no data to refer to.

Set your expectations. If you want to grow your business by x percent, and you have a sales % of x… how many opportunities do you need to create each week? Then create review time to actually check in on yourself (because thats what being an entreprenur is about - accountability, and yes chasing dreams ;).

How to get in the ‘mood’…now don’t laugh but this works.

Create an affirmation focused on how you want to feel. ‘Ive got this’, ‘I am offering an opportunity’, ‘my product/service is amazing’. And repeat looking in the mirror (staring deeply into your beautiful eyes), until you start to smile, perhaps giggle and laugh…you’ll create positive energy and as you know, we believe what we tell ourselves, although most of the time it’s negative stories on repeat.

Listen to power music (Power over me - Dermot Kennedy my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG IN THIS WORLD) and podcasts focused on Sales. Because even though your removing the terminology you are still asking someone to buy from you, and to do this they need to trust you and you also need to learn some ‘hot’ points and closing techniques.

Like this? Let me know in the comments below so Ill write more.

C x.

Who the F are you?

Do you even know?

What do you stand for and what you value?

I have recently returned from the J Escapes weekend away where I was incredibly humbled and honoured to be asked to speak and even more than that asked to attend a weekend with truly phenomenal people (do go check them out @j_escapes (like honestly you need to attend one of these!), Ill write a post on my adventures page in full detail about this).

Now as you know I'’m currently sitting in transition phase where I’m working a whole lot of stuff out, I am actually allowing myself to chill and rest and reflect before preparing to spring into spring, or bloom into a butterfly as I currently feel I am in deep evaluation, deep metamorphosis and perhaps moving home is the safety of my cocoon (not perhaps, I know this to be a fact).

It is in this space between we have the most beautiful opportunity to reflect and allow space for us to evaluate our own values.

Sometimes we do get to caught up in looking forward - I know you’ve heard the quote ‘‘don’t look back you’re not going that way’, but just like in business where you should be doing monthly reviews of numbers and staff for your future projections and decision making, I believe we should start reviewing ourselves, more than monthly - weekly.

Create a self love date and performance review yourself. Where your actions aligned with your words? Did you focus to much on business so that your love life might be suffering therefore creating a feeling of loneliness within you?

Who the F am I? What do I stand for? What is important to me?

Like what does it all mean to you?

If you don’t yet know your values, I would recommend creating a safe, soft and creative space for yourself this weekend. Book in a self love date and note this is NON NEGOTIABLE. The absolute worst thing you can do for your own self worth and self trust is to say you will do something for yourself and then not show up.

Remember you are the CEO if your LIFE, act like it.

So book in a time, with NO PHONE.

Write down:







And then ask yourself, how do your actions align with these?

Easiest example for me to get you thinking is:

Fitness - you can say its a priority yet you don’t commit to it daily. I mean 1 hour a day (a walk or gym or sports) is 5% of your time! You say you want to grow to learn and to be a better person, yet you don’t take time to work through the ice, to journal or to read? Again 1 hour a day!

This then means your values and your actions are out of alignment, so the universe is not going to help you move towards your dreams. What can also happen, I speak from personal experience, is that you don’t trust yourself, why would you? That you say and what you do are not Congruent.

Another and I am so guilty of this one until recently, is Family - yet you don’t call your mum back when she calls (somehow they seem to know the most inconvenient time ;)

What is important to you? Ho can you show up every day?

Creating your values and having them at the fore front of your vision and actions to create the life you love to live and who you want to be is proven to assist with life satisfaction, congruency and a sense of self love and self trust (having your own back because you are showing up to yourself) and overall improvement in living in alignment. Having self trust means you can feel a deeper sense of love and self compassion, you can also open your heart to other people with empathy as you work through developing your own place of stability - knowing your worth.

I have learnt that when your actions are aligned with your values, you create alignment with your mind, body and soul and therefore the universe can hear your message loud and strong and will conspire to help those dreams come true. Because the Uni doesn’t want things to be bad for you, it doesn’t want you to be unhappy or unfulfilled, but my love… first you have to show up, to prove to yourself that you believe and you know what… to act as you think, therefore you are (proverb).

Let me know how you go with this, Id love your thoughts.

C x.

The Importance of Why

Why is your WHY so important and what happens if you are yet to find it?

Knowing your why is so that you can always have something to come back to, something that you stand for and that you value. Having a why is important so that in times of chaos or stress, both personally or in business… you can have a checkpoint to come back to, a base level of who you are and what you value.

Your why may align with values that you have, it may be something as a motivating factor for why you do something.

For example, in coaching with my clients I will always ask them to define their personal why, alongside their business why so its relatively easy to understand the difference, and that…business does not define you, plus its important to keep them seperate. However your business why could be that you want to create financial freedom and wealth (this is not a bad thing) then you need to ask yourself what you will do to create that.

(If you are interested in booking a 15 minute coaching call to see if I am the right coach for you, click here).

Having a personal why means you can live with integrity and congruency as you have a moral point to come back and check in with yourself, knowing who you are and what you stand for.

There’s no greater gift than to honor your life’s calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive. – Oprah Winfrey

When it comes to defining your why it can take some time, and you may need to create a self love date completed with rose and a flow chart board to piece together your key words and create the feel you want to give.

Now note a business why and a business statement are different. A business why is your vision, its about more than you and its designed so that at any stage you can come back to it and evaluate your future decisions and also so that your team can get on the same page as you…trust me you need this.

A business statement is more about what you do, its about standing up and saying to the world, this is who we are and what we promise to do.

Regardless of where you are in your business (or life) right now, its important to come back to checking in and tuning into your alignment.

Are you on the right path, is your heart still in it, is the business serving you?

Where do you go from here?

And you know what, there are going to be those days when its all to hard, when you cry a million and one tears and nothing seems to go any kind of right way at all… having your business why means you can remove all the layers of things that are happening in it and come back to your true purpose, why you gave birth to this baby in the first place, perhaps also some carbs, yoga, a boxing session wine and/or sleep or all of the above may help.

So tell me…

What is your WHY?

Why do you do the things you do?

Why do you get up in the morning and put your best foot forward?

If you haven’y yet got your personal why or values written down, why don’t you book in a self love date and get to know yourself and get these out onto paper? Some studies show those who have their Why’s and Values written down may find more sense of purpose and have a greater faith in the greater good.

If you have not yet understood the importance of why, I recommend reading Simon Sineks work, read more here.If you have a moment check out this video The power of Why.

Start your Start up 101

I believe these 8 things are what you really need to get your start up… started up.

Without waiting for the ‘when I’ or ‘when this happens’ then I’ll..

OR letting your perfectionist self keep you stalling…because it’s.just.not.perfect…yet.

The 8 things YOU need to know about before you get started.

#1 - Know your why

WHY are you doing what you are doing (or want to do it)?

You must know this, inside and out. This must be present and be able to be felt through everything that your business does.

#2 - Know your strengths (and your weaknesses)

Are you great at creative but terrible at numbers? Invest whatever budget you have wisely and pay for people better than you to do what you cannot do. Simple. Even though you may think you ‘can’t afford’ it, the truth is that by the time you waste your time and energy and get frustrated as all f*ks…you would have been better paying someone from the start and getting it done right.

You DO NOT have to be great at everything but be fucking phenomenal in the one, two or three things you do.

Also, be honest with yourself about your fears - ‘No, I wont make those sales calls I need to today, Ill wait for another day’ - said our inner fear of greatness. If you want to create your dream life and a business you love, you have to do the hard stuff. No work, even if it’s your dream is going to be all sunshine and rainbows and honestly for the first few years its going to be dirt, grit, tiredness and electrical storms.

#3 - Develop brand guidelines

Create a set of clearly defined colours, fonts and language that your customers will recognise as your brand.

Generally there can be 3 colours; a base, and accent and a neutral. Don’t forget that when choosing this the purpose is to align with your brands why, your customer avatar and the ‘feeling’ you want your customers to have. Colours act on our emotions. How do you want your customers to feel?

#4 - Define your Customer Avatar

Who are you actually selling to? Sometimes we forget this and our marketing becomes all wish washy, indirect and shows no results (trust me I’e been there). This is quite fun and a creative activity to do… who is your avatar, what is her/his age, (give him or her a name), hat do they do? For work and for fun? What are there hobbies?

How do they communicate??? When you know this you can effectively target your marketing language directly to them (and stop wasting your time on anyone else).


Where are you going? How long will it take to get there? Much before the time I built Clean Treats I had it all on a plan…right down to the menu and the experience.

What is it you actually ant your business to be? Do you need to get a wage from it (at some stage), is it a passion project? Once you know where you want to go you can work backwards and say ok, so to get there I need to achieve this, to achieve this I need to do this (sales and opportunity creating).

#6 - Know your numbers & business requirements

Get comfy being uncomfortable. Particular you females out there who may be like I was, uncomfortable to talk about money. Business is about making a profit. Thats the truth, yes we want to create change, and have freedom etc - but a profitable business in turn allows more investment and more (steady Im warning you) growth.

What is your initial budget? When do you need to make a return? What is your marketing budget.

AND set everything up from the start the right way with any authority. If you don’t know about directors responsibilities, bas etc…go and learn now.

#7 - Develop a Marketing Strategy

To begin you may say yes to…everything. Which is fine and well and I read somewhere recently ‘it takes close to one thousand yes’s before you get to say no’ (true fact). All I want to say is track it. Follow every single product you send out, every single time you giveaway something or pay someone and don’t be afraid to follow up. Particularly with instagram, if someone has agreed to post in exchange for payment, follow up (note there is a right way to do this).

Where possible develop this alongside your project planner.

#8 - Have an accountability system

Create a plan and work the plan. What do you need to do everyday to get to where you need to be. Find an online system that will help you with managing your time, because don’t forget YOU are your #1 investment in this business and time is energy. Figure out how you are productive, learn to block, learn to do admin and the boring stuff.

There you go my loves, these are my top 8. Things don’t need to be at 200% perfect, in fact if you don’t look back at where you started, you started to late (quote by someone wise).

If you need help with developing this contact me for some personalised coaching because I LOVE this STUFF (and it’s not as difficult as it may seem - once you get started). Link here

Love, C x.

Failing Forward


We all fear it so much. In fact for some of us it can be a driving factor, a motivator as we are so scared of it. But when you look at failure, what is it that we are actually afraid of? It comes down to our fear of OTHER peoples opinions.

It is such an ‘icky’ word…

Failure; lack of success. The description includes all the order icky words such as - breakdown, collapse, deficiency, decline, inadequate, mess, loss, frustration and many others.

What is failure? And why do we fear it so? I mean if to fail is to break something down, then surely isnt the purpose of that to build back up?

In entrepreneur speak we hear it alll the time, you can never fail if you never quit.

But as someone who has ‘failed’… and currently processing. It fucking hurts. I don’t want to know about rebuilding when Im wallowing in loss (whilst also my spiritually awakened soul is trying to gently guide me out of my wallowing pitt of self pity). To fail is to process loss, or when something you thought was so right, becomes so wrong. It means changing direction. When you thought you were going one way, the universe redirects you in a whole other way…and in turn our sense of direction, belonging and alignment can be f$*ked.

One thing I do know… is that every ‘loss’ is created by us, subconciously on some level. I truly believe this and the spiritual leaders and healers I have spoken to have shown me so.

For me, this is the first time a part from insta stories that I write about my loss and closing the space I put my heart and soul into.

Not long ago I was told I had Chronic fatigue, Chronic anxiety, chronic depression and I was recommended Anti depressants - which I personally dont believe in (for myself Id prefer to manage with adapting my health). I literally felt like I didn’t know what to do, what direction to move in or what advice to take (and I was getting a lot of it). For me, I have always been independant, perhaps stubbornly so it took me a long time to ask for help.

Fast forward a period of what felt (and sometimes still does) like living in hell. I did what I had to do and this meant closing the space I loved so so much, and still miss to this day. I still cry every day, months later. I still have nightmares every night and I still feel a huge part of me is missing.

But having time to reflect and to begin healing I have learnt so much and some days I feel like I can finally breathe again, I had to choose my life. Now every day, I have to choose that.

Failure allows us the opportunity to start again. to take what we have learnt and create a new dream, but better than before.

Are you processing or healing at the moment? How are you recovering? I’d love to know (comment below) .

Love, C x.