Start your Start up 101

I believe these 8 things are what you really need to get your start up… started up.

Without waiting for the ‘when I’ or ‘when this happens’ then I’ll..

OR letting your perfectionist self keep you stalling…because it’s.just.not.perfect…yet.

The 8 things YOU need to know about before you get started.

#1 - Know your why

WHY are you doing what you are doing (or want to do it)?

You must know this, inside and out. This must be present and be able to be felt through everything that your business does.

#2 - Know your strengths (and your weaknesses)

Are you great at creative but terrible at numbers? Invest whatever budget you have wisely and pay for people better than you to do what you cannot do. Simple. Even though you may think you ‘can’t afford’ it, the truth is that by the time you waste your time and energy and get frustrated as all f*ks…you would have been better paying someone from the start and getting it done right.

You DO NOT have to be great at everything but be fucking phenomenal in the one, two or three things you do.

Also, be honest with yourself about your fears - ‘No, I wont make those sales calls I need to today, Ill wait for another day’ - said our inner fear of greatness. If you want to create your dream life and a business you love, you have to do the hard stuff. No work, even if it’s your dream is going to be all sunshine and rainbows and honestly for the first few years its going to be dirt, grit, tiredness and electrical storms.

#3 - Develop brand guidelines

Create a set of clearly defined colours, fonts and language that your customers will recognise as your brand.

Generally there can be 3 colours; a base, and accent and a neutral. Don’t forget that when choosing this the purpose is to align with your brands why, your customer avatar and the ‘feeling’ you want your customers to have. Colours act on our emotions. How do you want your customers to feel?

#4 - Define your Customer Avatar

Who are you actually selling to? Sometimes we forget this and our marketing becomes all wish washy, indirect and shows no results (trust me I’e been there). This is quite fun and a creative activity to do… who is your avatar, what is her/his age, (give him or her a name), hat do they do? For work and for fun? What are there hobbies?

How do they communicate??? When you know this you can effectively target your marketing language directly to them (and stop wasting your time on anyone else).


Where are you going? How long will it take to get there? Much before the time I built Clean Treats I had it all on a plan…right down to the menu and the experience.

What is it you actually ant your business to be? Do you need to get a wage from it (at some stage), is it a passion project? Once you know where you want to go you can work backwards and say ok, so to get there I need to achieve this, to achieve this I need to do this (sales and opportunity creating).

#6 - Know your numbers & business requirements

Get comfy being uncomfortable. Particular you females out there who may be like I was, uncomfortable to talk about money. Business is about making a profit. Thats the truth, yes we want to create change, and have freedom etc - but a profitable business in turn allows more investment and more (steady Im warning you) growth.

What is your initial budget? When do you need to make a return? What is your marketing budget.

AND set everything up from the start the right way with any authority. If you don’t know about directors responsibilities, bas etc…go and learn now.

#7 - Develop a Marketing Strategy

To begin you may say yes to…everything. Which is fine and well and I read somewhere recently ‘it takes close to one thousand yes’s before you get to say no’ (true fact). All I want to say is track it. Follow every single product you send out, every single time you giveaway something or pay someone and don’t be afraid to follow up. Particularly with instagram, if someone has agreed to post in exchange for payment, follow up (note there is a right way to do this).

Where possible develop this alongside your project planner.

#8 - Have an accountability system

Create a plan and work the plan. What do you need to do everyday to get to where you need to be. Find an online system that will help you with managing your time, because don’t forget YOU are your #1 investment in this business and time is energy. Figure out how you are productive, learn to block, learn to do admin and the boring stuff.

There you go my loves, these are my top 8. Things don’t need to be at 200% perfect, in fact if you don’t look back at where you started, you started to late (quote by someone wise).

If you need help with developing this contact me for some personalised coaching because I LOVE this STUFF (and it’s not as difficult as it may seem - once you get started). Link here

Love, C x.