Who the F are you?

Do you even know?

What do you stand for and what you value?

I have recently returned from the J Escapes weekend away where I was incredibly humbled and honoured to be asked to speak and even more than that asked to attend a weekend with truly phenomenal people (do go check them out @j_escapes (like honestly you need to attend one of these!), Ill write a post on my adventures page in full detail about this).

Now as you know I'’m currently sitting in transition phase where I’m working a whole lot of stuff out, I am actually allowing myself to chill and rest and reflect before preparing to spring into spring, or bloom into a butterfly as I currently feel I am in deep evaluation, deep metamorphosis and perhaps moving home is the safety of my cocoon (not perhaps, I know this to be a fact).

It is in this space between we have the most beautiful opportunity to reflect and allow space for us to evaluate our own values.

Sometimes we do get to caught up in looking forward - I know you’ve heard the quote ‘‘don’t look back you’re not going that way’, but just like in business where you should be doing monthly reviews of numbers and staff for your future projections and decision making, I believe we should start reviewing ourselves, more than monthly - weekly.

Create a self love date and performance review yourself. Where your actions aligned with your words? Did you focus to much on business so that your love life might be suffering therefore creating a feeling of loneliness within you?

Who the F am I? What do I stand for? What is important to me?

Like what does it all mean to you?

If you don’t yet know your values, I would recommend creating a safe, soft and creative space for yourself this weekend. Book in a self love date and note this is NON NEGOTIABLE. The absolute worst thing you can do for your own self worth and self trust is to say you will do something for yourself and then not show up.

Remember you are the CEO if your LIFE, act like it.

So book in a time, with NO PHONE.

Write down:







And then ask yourself, how do your actions align with these?

Easiest example for me to get you thinking is:

Fitness - you can say its a priority yet you don’t commit to it daily. I mean 1 hour a day (a walk or gym or sports) is 5% of your time! You say you want to grow to learn and to be a better person, yet you don’t take time to work through the ice, to journal or to read? Again 1 hour a day!

This then means your values and your actions are out of alignment, so the universe is not going to help you move towards your dreams. What can also happen, I speak from personal experience, is that you don’t trust yourself, why would you? That you say and what you do are not Congruent.

Another and I am so guilty of this one until recently, is Family - yet you don’t call your mum back when she calls (somehow they seem to know the most inconvenient time ;)

What is important to you? Ho can you show up every day?

Creating your values and having them at the fore front of your vision and actions to create the life you love to live and who you want to be is proven to assist with life satisfaction, congruency and a sense of self love and self trust (having your own back because you are showing up to yourself) and overall improvement in living in alignment. Having self trust means you can feel a deeper sense of love and self compassion, you can also open your heart to other people with empathy as you work through developing your own place of stability - knowing your worth.

I have learnt that when your actions are aligned with your values, you create alignment with your mind, body and soul and therefore the universe can hear your message loud and strong and will conspire to help those dreams come true. Because the Uni doesn’t want things to be bad for you, it doesn’t want you to be unhappy or unfulfilled, but my love… first you have to show up, to prove to yourself that you believe and you know what… to act as you think, therefore you are (proverb).

Let me know how you go with this, Id love your thoughts.

C x.