Stop Selling

Why would I say such a thing?

Because although we all sell to each other every day (yes even when you go on that bumble date), selling creates a negative physiological response within us…most of us FEAR this with a passion. And oh, my goodness… FEAR; Fear of judgement and someone saying no to our product or service (which we take as saying no to us, to everything that we are…and all that we do) FEAR of failure - what happens if someone says no?

So we just don’t do it. Better to be safe than sorry right? Better to not put ourselves out there and rather stay in our comfort zone, attempting to manifest all the good stuff coming to us.

But in your business its imperative that you create opportunities.

You need to be constantly creating new opportunities that allow both growth and development for your business.

You need look for them, to create them, and then to ask for them.

Otherwise how will you grow? Yes you can manifest and believe and trust that the world needs what you’ve got, but if you aren’t actually showing up and doing the work how are you going to grow? How are you going to achieve your big dreams?

So stop selling. Start creating opportunities.

Every day. Or at least once a week. I work with startups and I am adamant you need to block time for this. AS a non negotiable.

Do your R & D. Find your target. Create your numbers goals (I mean how much better would your business with 10, 100 new clients or more? ) and then do the work…and also track them. Just like you track your nutrition, exercise and dates (how many until you have some serious talks etc)… track your sales. This is imperative to your success. In fact, the follow up is your key to success.

Ask for the opportunity. If you truly believe that what you have is what the world needs, or at least that potential client, ask them. And then listen to what they say. Write it all down. What was the block? Were YOU prepared?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Sales is a numbers game. Potentially one of the strongest and truest terms I’ve ever heard in business. Or as Aaliyah says, dust yourself off and try again. Have fun with it. When it becomes something you do, not something you fear, it becomes another aspect of your business.

Know what you have to offer and then target those people. If they say no, so what? Don’t take it personally.

Know your product inside and out. Know your margins, know your wiggle room, know their business.

STOP PROCRASTINATING. Book your opportunity time IN. Just as you do your gym and date nights, book in this time. Block it out. this time is just for sales (opps). No phone, no ‘Ill just get back to that email’, or “Ill just do social’. Because the things we don’t like to do, we don’t do. I read the most amazing quote by a book written about war by a general - Discipline allows creativity.

I just love this so much. So when you want to spend an afternoon being creative or ‘in the flow’ yet you can’t seem to get there because of the monkeys running rampant in your mind…do the hard things, then book space for creativity. Doing what you say you will creates self trust. If you’re in business but spend your time avoiding the key business items, then you should think about why you are in it. Business is business and there are some standard rules that apply regardless of the industry.

Create a tracking document, because all the other fun stuff will happen in your business and trust me, you’ll forget, even the warm leads - the ones who have contacted you. YET YOU DON’T FOLLOW UP. Then maybe 3 months or more later you’ll think, oh I should start focusing on growth and you can’t remember or worse have no data to refer to.

Set your expectations. If you want to grow your business by x percent, and you have a sales % of x… how many opportunities do you need to create each week? Then create review time to actually check in on yourself (because thats what being an entreprenur is about - accountability, and yes chasing dreams ;).

How to get in the ‘mood’…now don’t laugh but this works.

Create an affirmation focused on how you want to feel. ‘Ive got this’, ‘I am offering an opportunity’, ‘my product/service is amazing’. And repeat looking in the mirror (staring deeply into your beautiful eyes), until you start to smile, perhaps giggle and laugh…you’ll create positive energy and as you know, we believe what we tell ourselves, although most of the time it’s negative stories on repeat.

Listen to power music (Power over me - Dermot Kennedy my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG IN THIS WORLD) and podcasts focused on Sales. Because even though your removing the terminology you are still asking someone to buy from you, and to do this they need to trust you and you also need to learn some ‘hot’ points and closing techniques.

Like this? Let me know in the comments below so Ill write more.

C x.